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Company: Introduction

Standard Lubes Pvt. Ltd., having a Pan-India presence, is a well known name in the field of grease and oil manufacturing. We have delivered a successful progress rate through the years with consistent modifications over every aspect of its operation, to optimize the use of resources. Being one of the lead manufacturer of Lithium based Grease and a variety of Lube Oils primarily used in automotive industry, we have successfully established ourselves as one of the major players in the markets of India and Nepal. Through our qualitative approach and impeccable sense of delivering the better lubrication solutions and better products we have created an image of a responsible manufacturer among our prestigious clients and consumers. Not only, we are recognized as a manufacturer of high quality products, but our products are appreciated for their relatively better working capacity.

Company: History

Standard Lubes Pvt. Ltd. was started in the year 2003 and since its inception the management has focused its strategies towards develpoing and delievering the high quality lubes and oils. After 4 years of rigorous research work the company started its production in the year 2007 and since then it has excelled in manufacturing the quality lubricants and grease under fairly low cost. The successful implementation of various quality assurance practises led the company to manufacture the products which were relative better at performance in the similar parallels. The company also got another feather in the cap, while working with quality practices, which was certification of ISO 9001 standards. Presently Standard Lubes Pvt. Ltd. has some of successful products under Mecol® brand and it has made its presence in India as well as overseas also.

Company: Vision

"We aspire to serve with better innovations and cost effective solutions to the world of lubricants".

Company: Mission

  1. To provide a better quality in the lubes as to assure they enhance smooth functioning of instruments.
  2. To provide a better approach in product quality and product development.
  3. To enhance the user experience through continued product innovation.
  4. To aspire for the global recognition in the lubes and other industrial product in similar vertical.
  5. To provide better management for the company employees and associates as to assure a hassle free routine operations.
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